Photography of the textile art by Annamaria Mays Vermeer. Documented for an article in Down Under Textiles, the brief was to photograph the artworks, showcasing the materials and detail Annamaria uses to capture memories, and show the artists working space and character.
Annamaria Mays Vermeer is a textile artist based in Ipswich, Australia. Photographed in her home studio, she is surrounded by her inspiration and own artworks.
Detail of The Older Brother's Blanket. Using an old family blanket, Annamaria stitches family memories to the blanket and then rolls it into a swag-like bundle for family members to keep.
Detail of Flowers. Annamaria uses collage techniques to document memories of her Dutch heritage.
Annamaria makes wearable art using a felting technique. This is made from NZ wool and a recycled silk scarf.
Annamaria unrolling her own "story blanket", containing early birthday cards copied on to fabric and other memories from her early life.
A short clip highlighting Annamaria's teapot collection.
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